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  • ACC 206 Week 5 Final ACC206
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  • Question: ACC206: Principles of Accounting II Focus of the Final Paper Submit a paper on one of the major topics listed below, incorporating at least two related articles of your choice. You may come up with your own topic, but it must be approved by your instructor.  How do stock prices and dividends reflect the value of the firm?  What does a statement of cash flows tell us about the short and long term prospects of the firm? How does an outside review use a statement of cash flows and other financial statements to assess the viability of the firm?  Why is cost accounting so important to the success of the firm? What are the various methods of cost accounting and how are they used?  How does an operating budget work to discipline a firm’s management? What are the elements of a budget? How are budgets constructed? What is budget variance?  What is management accounting? What are the sources of data? How are the data used to make management decisions? Tutorial Topic is on Statement of Cashflows.
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